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City of El Paso Transportation Plan

On March 6th, 2012 the City of El Paso, Texas formally adopted "Plan El Paso, A Policy Guide for El Paso for the next 25 years and beyond." Included in Plan El Paso is a comprehensive study of bicycling issues in El Paso and recommendations to expand El Paso's existing bicycle network. The section of the plan dealing specifically with transportaiton and bicycling issues can be accessed here - City of El Paso Transportation Plan. The full Plan El Paso document is available on the Plan El Paso Website.

Tips for Safe Cycling

Close Encounters of the Canine Kind or
"Dealing with Dogs"

(The following article appeared in the Fall 2000 League of American Bicyclists)

Among all the hazards cyclists face, few are as ubiquitous as man's best friend. Wherever you ride, whatever you ride, whether on road or on dirt, at some point a dog will conclude you are a person non grata, or worse, decide a pound of your flesh might make a fine hors d'oeuvre. Here are some tips on keeping your calves and ankles whole.

Critical concern when being pursued:

Non-aggressive approach:

Aggressive approach:

Threatening as they may be, irate dogs can be more rational and are certainly less dangerous than enraged or careless humans driving oversized vehicles.

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Tips for New Riders

Thanks to Patty Chamales!


Water - Fluids

Turn signals:

Verblalize to warn those around you:


Position of foot and legs as you pedal:




Numb hands?

Railroad Tracks



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