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Members Corner

This page is a resource for members of the El Paso Bicycle Club. Here you will find general information about the club including how to get a club jersey, how to be a ride leader, how to get on the club newsletter email list, how to post your ride photos in the photo gallary plus more interesting information like the Members Handbook and the Club Bylaws.

The Member Handbook was created in 2005 and provides useful background information on all aspects of the club. If you are really interested in the internal workings of the Club the By Laws are here for your bed time reading pleasure.

Did you know you can get the most current ride information on you cell phone? Use this link on your internet enabled phone or pda to retrieve the current ride schedule: http://www.elpasobicycleclub.com/ride_list_pda.html. Now you have no excuse for missing the next ride.

As a member you are eligible for:

Lead and Suggest Rides

Are you interested in leading a ride or have an idea for a new ride? Good, we've been up and down highway 28 enough and need some new ideas and inspired ride leaders. All club members are invited to become ride leaders and only club members can lead rides. As you can imagine we do have a few rules and guidelines we ask all ride leaders to follow to make sure all rides are safe and fun. To become a ride leader all you need to do is read the Ride Leader Guidelines and submit the Ride Leader Information form to the Ride Coordinator. Just pull up the Ride Leader Information form fill out the required information and press the Submit button. Your information will be sent on to the Ride Coordinator who will contact you about leading a ride. Its that easy. We hope to hear from soon.

Club Jerseys, Bibs and Shorts

Club jerseys can be ordered on line through Pactimo.com. Enter the Team Password "elpasobicycleclub" (all lower case). If you do not already have an account with Pactimo you will need to set one up. Payment is on line with a credit card. Orders will be shipped directly to you. Please allow 5 weeks for delivery. Jerseys are available in both men's and women's sizes as well as club (Continental) and race (Ascent) cuts. Bibs and shorts are also available. Order yours today!


As a current member you are entitled to be included on the club e-mail distribution list. An e-mail goes out approximately once per week (sometimes more, sometimes less) to all registered members informing them of upcoming rides, last minute changes to ride schedules, meeting announcements and other information cyclists in El Paso should find useful. Unless you specifically opt-out of this service new members are automatically added to the distribution list when they submit their membership application.


If you are a current member and are not receiving a regular e-mail newsletter from the club but would like to be included in the distribution list send an e-mail to membership@elpasobicyleclub.com stating you want to be included in the distribution list.

If you are a new member and did not select to opt-out of this feature or have submitted a request to be added and did not received the confirmation e-mail within a two or three days please accept our apology and send the membership coordinator a note. Occasionally we get a bad e-mail address and have no way to contact you to get it corrected. We will make every effort to get you added as quickly as possible as soon as we hear from you.

If you change your e-mail address send the membership coordinator a note with your new email address. Your new e-mail address will be added to the list and your old address removed.

If at anytime you decide you no longer wish to receive the newsletter send the membership coordinator a note stating so and you will be promptly deleted from the list.

Photo Gallery

Do you have pictures of a recent or maybe even rides from years past? Then please share. To share you pictures you will need a password to get into the posting section of the Photo Gallery. Unlike the newsletter, access to post photos is not automatically granted when you join the club. You need send an e-mail to the webmaster requesting access. After you send in your request and your membership has been verified you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your own albums and upload your pictures.

The Forum

Have a bike or bike parts to sell? Have a ride or event you would like to share with others. The Forum is the place where you can post items for sale and keep other members updated on cycling events. To obtain posting privileges you must obtain a password from the webmaster by sending an e-mail requesting access along with a 500 word essay on best uses for old inner tubes. That last part is not true. Access is granted any member in good standing that requests it as long as you keep your posts clean and relevant. To register for Forum access go to the forum program and select the registration option. Once your membership has been verified you will receive an e-mail with your password.


The club typically holds one meeting annually for the general membership. The purpose of the annual meeting is to elect officers and to review the results of the prior year. The annual meeting also allows members to express their ideas for improving the club. Expressing ideas for improving the club will generally get you nominated for club president. This is usually the only meeting of the general membership the club holds because we are a cycling club and not a meeting club. Officers and Board Members do meet as necessary to conduct club business. But most club business is conducted during rides or over pizza after the Wednesday night ride. So if you have an idea about how to improve the club but missed the annual meeting hang around after a Wednesday Night Ride because there is probably a vacant board postion with your name on it.

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