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About Our Rides

winter ridersEveryone is welcome to ride with the El Paso Bicycle Club, you do not need to be a club member to join us. A complete list of all the club sponsored rides can be found on our club calendar hosted by Meetup.com. For directions to and information about ride start locations use the links on the right side of this page. The Club usually sponsors a ride every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. During the period of the year when we observe Daylight Savings Time we hold two week day evening rides, a training ride for beginning and intermediate riders (the B/IG rides) and a leaderless ride on Wednesday evenings. Unless otherwise indicated our typical weekend rides are for road bikes. B/IG rides are normally suitable for a road, mountain or hybrid bike. If you are a seeking a technical mountain biking experience we encourage you to visit our mountain biking friends at the Borderland Mountain Bike Association. Most weekend rides and all B/IG rides will have a designated ride leader. The ride leader will publish a route, set the pace and provide support if you break down or become stranded. The pace, distance, and route of leaderless rides will be determined by the riders.

So, if you are looking for a group to ride with, whether you live in El Paso or are visiting from out of town, we welcome you. We do have a few simple requests to make the ride safe and fun for the whole group:

The Do's and the Don'ts

Recommend reading for anyone not familiar with riding in a group -"How Not to Get Invited to the Next Group Ride."

Pace - How fast will we ride?

Each ride will have a stated pace. Rides are usually advertised as either beginner/easy, moderate or fast. Below are the speed ranges in miles per hour for the usual stated paces. The ranges are for rides on level ground, a smooth paved road surface and in good weather. Grade, road surface and weather (wind) can have a negative or a positive effect on the actual ride pace. Occasionally rides will include a different pace description, for example moderately fast or very moderate. Both descriptions mean something different than just moderate. If you have any doubts about a non-standard pace description feel free to contact the ride leader.

Ride Locations